Hurricane Laura Emergency Relief Fund

Your support of this special collection will be used to support the efforts of Catholic Charities USA and/or Catholic Relief Services, the official relief agencies of the U.S. Catholic Church, as they and their local agencies, respond to immediate emergency needs in affected areas. Donations will be used to provide supplies such as water, food, shelter, and medical care as well as aid for long-term rebuilding and recovery efforts.

Please prayerfully consider how you can support those affected by Hurricane Laura.



“We hold in prayer all those impacted by Hurricane Laura on the Gulf Coast and the wildfires in the western states. May God protect and alleviate the suffering of everyone along these paths of destruction. With this special collection, we stand in solidarity with the victims and in support of the first-responders to these disasters, especially those from Catholic Relief Services and Catholic Charities USA.”

Archbishop Vignernon